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Pulmonaria - Lung Wort
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Hardy perennial - Flowers March to May

The names Pulmonaria and lungwort come from the leaf patterning superficially looking like a lung and leading to a belief that this meant it could be used to cure lung ailments (there appears to be no such evidence).

They perform best in spring, by summer they are looking rather tatty and the old leaves are best removed after flowering (yes I said remove the leaves after flowering). They are perhaps not worthy of the best positions, but provide good ground cover for positions in dappled shade. Can be propagated by seed, but best not to bother as the results are too varied. Lift and divide after flowering or take root cuttings in the autumn.

Pulmonaria or lungwort has a particular place in my affections as it one of the first plants ever to bring itself to my attention as a child. It was the only plant of any note to hold its own in the patch of heavy, shaded, neglected clay soil by the front door of my home when I was young. The white spotted hairy green leaves and wonderful blue and red flowers on the same plant at the same time seemed to come from another worldly place where adverse conditions meant exotic things could grow.


Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'

£ 11.99

Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White'

£ 9.99

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