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Hemerocallis - Daylily
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Hardy perennial - Flowers June to September

Daylilies are a group of plants from forest margins and meadows in South East Asia.  Their name comes from the fact that the individual flowers usually last for just a day, this is compensated for by their extremely vigorous nature in producing flowers, so that from late spring to late summer, they will be almost continually in bloom.

There is a huge range of cultivars, flower shapes and colors from almost white, through yellows to pink, orange, red and purple to almost black.

The plants are clump forming and generally unfussy about location, height is usually from 24-36 inches and spread of about the same. Daylilies can be propagated by sowing the seed they set, though this will not come true from named cultivars. The best way to divide established clumps in spring or fall. With so many different and novel types around, it may even make sense to dig up some of those ordinary orange ones you have and start to replace them with more varied and interesting ones.

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