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Half Hardy (frost susceptible) annual - Flowers July to October

Diascias come from South Africa, from mainly mountainous regions. They are very valuable in the perennial garden for their long flowering season. In cooler climates, Diascias can be overwintered successfully under some protection, a cool greenhouse is ideal, as long as they don't get frost on them.

They are exceptionally floriferous in quantity and also in length of season. Grow in full sun and dead head regularly, water in exceptionally dry spells. Easy to propagate from cuttings in the spring or early summer.

Diascias belong to the Scrofulariaceae, which has always been one of my favorite sounding plant families.

Diascia Collection

Diascia Collection

£ 4.49
Diascia barberae

Diascia barberae 'Rose Queen'

£ 2.69
Diascia barberae

Diascia barberae 'Apricot Queen'

£ 0.99

Diascia 'Sundiascia Eternal Flames'

£ 8.99

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