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Outdoor children's play buildings, just add kids and imagination

Playhouse 3Playhouse 3' 9 x 5' 6" (91557)
£ 199.99

Shire Shire Bunny 4Shire Shire Bunny 4' x4' Playhouse
£ 209

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Peach PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Peach Playhouse
£ 220

Forest Forest Pear PlayhouseForest Forest Pear Playhouse
£ 220

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Plum PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Plum Playhouse
£ 229.99

Bunny Playhouse 3Bunny Playhouse 3' 6 x 3' 6" (64363)
£ 229.99

Mercia Poppy Playhouse 5ft x 5ftMercia Poppy Playhouse 5ft x 5ft
£ 260

Shire Shire Kitty PlayhouseShire Shire Kitty Playhouse
£ 264

Mercia Lookout PlayhouseMercia Lookout Playhouse
£ 270

Mercia Flower Playhouse Central DoorMercia Flower Playhouse Central Door
£ 280

Mercia Snug Playhouse 4ft x 4ftMercia Snug Playhouse 4ft x 4ft
£ 290

Mercia Tulip Playhouse 5ft x 5ftMercia Tulip Playhouse 5ft x 5ft
£ 295

Mercia Snug Playhouse and Tower 4ft x 4ftMercia Snug Playhouse and Tower 4ft x 4ft
£ 295

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Damson PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Damson Playhouse
£ 299.99

Forest Forest Apricot PlayhouseForest Forest Apricot Playhouse
£ 299.99

Shire Shire Pixie PlayhouseShire Shire Pixie Playhouse
£ 323

Shire Shire Command Post PlayhouseShire Shire Command Post Playhouse
£ 329

Kitty Playhouse 3Kitty Playhouse 3' 9 x 3' 9" (42960)
£ 329.99

Forest Parsley Cottage Playhouse 4Forest Parsley Cottage Playhouse 4' 9 x 5' 5" (69688)
£ 339.99

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Apple PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Apple Playhouse
£ 349.99

Shire Shire Bunny and Platform PlayhouseShire Shire Bunny and Platform Playhouse
£ 369

Cubby Playhouse 5Cubby Playhouse 5' 9 x 3' 9" (77861)
£ 379.99

Mercia Poppy Playhouse Tower 5ft x 7ft 6inchMercia Poppy Playhouse Tower 5ft x 7ft 6inch
£ 380

Command Post Playhouse 4 x 1Command Post Playhouse 4 x 1' (98745)
£ 399.99

Mercia Tulip Playhouse Tower 5ft x 7ft 6inchMercia Tulip Playhouse Tower 5ft x 7ft 6inch
£ 415

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Parsley Cottage PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Parsley Cottage Playhouse
£ 443

Mercia Dutch Style Playhouse 6ft x 6ftMercia Dutch Style Playhouse 6ft x 6ft
£ 450

Mercia Double Storey Playhouse 7ft x 5ftMercia Double Storey Playhouse 7ft x 5ft
£ 450

Machine Mart Xtra Forest Parsley Cottage PlayhouseMachine Mart Xtra Forest Parsley Cottage Playhouse
£ 460

Croft Playhouse 1.6 x 1.7m (89781)Croft Playhouse 1.6 x 1.7m (89781)
£ 469.99

Shire Shire Wigwam PlayhouseShire Shire Wigwam Playhouse
£ 473

Shire Shire Loft PlayhouseShire Shire Loft Playhouse
£ 635

Shire Shire 8Shire Shire 8' x 9' Lodge Playhouse
£ 1283

Q. I wonder if you can advise on suitable surfaces for a children's play area (playhouse, slide etc). We are not so keen on lawn as the shape of the area is long and thin and therefore difficult to mow - what alternative surfaces would you recommend?

A. The easiest material to use is "Play bark" bark either natural wood bark or man made rubber chips selected to be larger and softer than bark chips used as a mulch, the rubber chips are 50-100% the price of bark though won't rot down so may be the cheaper long-term solution. They do wear, compress and get squashed into the soil so may need some eventual topping up, they may also need to be dug up and disposed off at some point in the future rather than rotting away. To be effective it needs to be placed at a depth of 6" / 15cm which means that:

    1/ You need a lot!
    2/ You need some kind of edging material to keep it in place. I favour rustic logs laid down if I can get them. If not, then rustic fencing posts are good, use one on top of another both nailed or screwed to large pegs knocked into the ground. Log roll could be used or even gravel boards or scaffolding planks. The main thing is to make sure they're supported strongly enough - that's where tree trunks / logs are good, as the children are bound to at least step on them if not make a game out of walking along the edge.
    3/ You might want to place a weed-proof membrane under the bark to stop weeds growing through it.

As you'll need a lot look locally for a bulk materials merchant who sells it by the 1 cubic metre bag, if you buy it in poly sacks it'll cost a fortune. Don't underestimate the job of installing it all either.

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