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Metal Garden Sheds and Storage Boxes

Need more outdoor storage space? Good practical choices as materials for sheds, treated steel and aluminium are both very durable and usually completely maintenance free. Better security than wooden or plastic sheds too.

Metal sheds are often relatively small and are often used as tool-stores, a large outdoor cupboard, than a traditional walk-in shed. They are easier to secure effectively than other materials and so are a good option for storing power tools. Metal sheds are less popular in the garden partly due to their appearance which is not so sympathetic in a garden setting, whereas most are happy for a wooden shed to be seen, metal sheds are less visually attractive and are probably better when out of sight. 

Yardmaster  Sliding Door Metal Store  6 x 3Yardmaster Sliding Door Metal Store 6 x 3' 6" (Nominal) (66135)
£ 215

Yardmaster  Sliding Door Metal Store  7Yardmaster Sliding Door Metal Store 7' 6 x 3' 6" (Nominal) (94367)
£ 219.99

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