Garden Buildings and Structures

Plastic Garden Storage Units and Sheds

A good zero maintenance option. Plastic is generally used for smaller sheds and also for large outdoor tool storage boxes.

Very easy to assemble being useable almost directly out of the box and completely maintenance free, you'll never have to paint or stain them. Not as sympathetic in a garden setting as a wooden shed in the same way as metal sheds. Plastic storage boxes are ideal if you have one of those awkward areas down the side of your house that is useless for just about any other purpose, and is too small to fit a traditional walk-in shed. Plastic does suffer to some extent from being broken down by UV rays in sunlight and deep colours will often fade in time. Placed in a shady and hidden region of the garden, this will be less of a problem, in the shadow, sunlight won't weaken the structure, again ideal for down the side of the house.

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