How to deter foxes - unwanted visitors
Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes

Why deter foxes?

Like some other wildlife that frequents our gardens from time to time, foxes are fabulous if a rarity, but can be a real nuisance if they get too over-familiar.

They can dig up plants, tear up lawns and make a mess in the way that dogs do. They are very territorial and have a regular "round", so they probably see you as as much of a problem on "their" territory as you see them on yours, the longer they've been around, the more settled they are and the more difficult to dislodge.

First of all make your garden unwelcoming for them:

  • Don't put food out for the birds for instance unless it's on a high difficult to get at bird table.

  • Don't leave dustbin bags out in the open, get some kind of fox-proof container for them.

  • Don't use "blood, fish and bone" or bone meal fertilisers, use seaweed-based fertilisers if you want to be organic, otherwise use manufactured chemical fertilisers.

  • Check your garden fence or hedge for gaps where they're getting in and close them off. They may find somewhere else to get through or may just take an easier route avoiding your garden altogether. They are particularly good at squeezing under gates.


Hi Tech Fox Repellents

Motion sensor devices connected to an ultrasonic sound source or a sprinkler attached to a hose pipe, that make a noise inaudible to humans or spray water when something moves into the range of the device. Need some tweaking to set them up, though can be effective once in place, also deter other animals from your garden too such as foxes, badgers etc.

Picture credit - Red fox picture published under GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2

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