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Kids love sheepskin, I know this as an undeniable truth - I have bought many sheepskin gifts for family and friends. If the recipient has children, then I invariably get a report back at some point that there is frequently an ongoing battle for the adult to actually be able to use the sheepskin gift as the child / children of the house have unilaterally commandeered aforementioned item on account of it being "lovely and soft", "well comfy", "I thought it was mine" or whatever other reason they feel like giving.

So, the items on this page are possessed of a marvelous quality of being especially attractive to children - not at first mind, because they don't have any reference to computer games, TV programmes or the like on them. They are also high quality, wholesome and natural. As a final bonus they will plant the idea in the mind of the child and associated adults that the giver of the gift is indeed amongst the finest of parents / friends / uncles / aunts / grandparents etc.

Once the child in question has worn their sheepskin goodies for a very short time, they will come to consider them as a central part of their life as say, the TV, bed, dog, cat, best friend, though initially they would probably never have considered anything sheepskin as being the slightest bit desirable. We therefore have the perfect gift situation, a hugely popular and greatly loved item that the recipient didn't know they wanted and would have never have bought themselves - similar principles also apply to adults.

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